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The product design, tooling development and the product finish, these processes are complete in the firm. As thus, we realize your concepts of the ideal cap.

Cap / Closure has a just small dimension but its missions are very important: Guarantee to keep fresh & safe the quality of contents filled in glass bottle or plastic bottle, to be removed easily from a bottle, to prevent any possibility of an unexpected release of the closure, to commit to environmental conservation etc. This small one takes many roles and challenges. With cooperation with our moldmaking Dept in the firm, we realize your concepts of the ideal cap.
In order to guarantee the cleanness quality on cap / closure Materials, we adopt the central material supply system: Plastic materials, going through the integrated laying pipes, supply directly to every plastic injection / compression machines; Belt conveyer delivers to next process. All processes in firm are automatic. Therefore, the dust pollution can be excluded to reach the cleanness standard.
[A] Caps advantages:
1. The suitable caps for the bottle opening/closing for many time.
2. Many kinds of caps: linerless, liners, foil-seal, pull hinge, pull cap and pouch spout, etc.
3. Selective color of cap shell is available
4. Printing or embossing on the top of cap shell is available.Please ask our staff about these above details.
[B] Caps functions:
  (1) The closure within the plug
Apply to PET bottle neck finish: Water, Juice and Isotonic etc.
  (2) The pull-hinge cap with inner-plug
Apply to soy-sauce or edible oil.
  (3) The side-score cap
Apply to yogurt, milk or daily product.
  (4) The pouch spout cap
Apply to pouches or gable top cartons.

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(1) (2) (3) (4)
[C] Caps variations:
Closure (Item) Product Dimension
Linerless closure Water, Tea, Juice,CDS ø28 ø38 ø45
Liner closure Tea, Juice, CDS ø28
Foil-seal closure Juice, Milk, Coffee ø28 ø38 ø45
One-touch closure Juice, Sauce ø22 ø24 ø29
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