KING CAN INDUSTRY CO., LTD. is the professional and well-known manufacturer of the food containers, like plastic caps, plastic cups, etc. We, established in 1977, are the subsidiary of the famous beverage & food company “Wei-Chuan / Ting Hsin Group” in Taiwan. We have been manufacturing the plastic bottle caps & plastic cups and tinplated cans for more than 30 years, now supplying many kinds of food containers not only to “Wei-Chuan”, but also to many beverage & food companies.

In order to enrich the product-quality and correspond to the products diversification, we introduced the technical co-operation with MIKRON of Switzerland (famous for the high precision gear mold and injection moulding) and then set up the Mold design/process Department. From the stage of mold design, all of our staffs always strive hard to manage thoroughly the quality control and lower the manufacturing-cost. Thus, our plastic molds and moldings technology always can improve the quality of the bottle caps, disposable cups and in addition, export the industrial precision injection molding, for example precision gears, to Japan, Philippines, Australia and Switzerland etc, with the excellent quality. In 2003, KING CAN, through the technology transfer from the Taiwan National research institutions (The industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan) developed CO2 sensor & CO2 detector and have been supplying to many companies which look as important the Global warming.

KING CAN always tries to catch up the industry trends and reflects to our professional technique. The most excellent plastic closures or plastic cups and the most satisfying plastic injection molding will reach our customers. We keep in mind our motto: Increase customers’ satisfaction and to create much higher values and then contribute humble efforts to gain win-win between both sides. With our best precision processing machines and our devoted staffs, we appreciate to have the chance to work with you, humbly listen to any suggestions or opinions and create the beautiful future with you.

KING CAN will continue to work hard and sincerely with its excellent quality and service to fulfill the commitments of our global customers for years to come.

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