Company Profile Innovation is to create unceasingly. All staff concentrates on their professionalism
KING CAN INDUSTRY CO., LTD. is the professional and well-known manufacturer in the field of food containers, like plastic caps, plastic cups, etc. established in 1977. We have been manufacturing plastic bottle caps, plastic cups, plastic bottles and tinplate cans for more than 40 years, now supplying many kinds of food containers not only to many beverage & food companies in Taiwan, but also broaden our business worldwide.

In order to strengthen the product-quality concept and to correspond the tendency of the products diversity, we make technical co-operation with MIKRON of Switzerland many years ago, research, develop and upgrade injection forming technology and then set up the Mold design/process Department focus on molding design and develop. Aside from food containers, with using industrial precise injection molding, we also export high quality precise parts like gears, to Japan, Philippines, Australia and Switzerland etc.
KING CAN always work hard to strengthen the manufacturing techniques in order to create much higher values for our products and increase customers’ satisfaction, our manufacturing goal is that we work from mold designing to mass production, to control high quality rate and lower defective rate.

Our quality policy statement: pursuing zero defectives, satisfying customers’ needs
Our food safety policy statement: product safety, keep improving, pursuing zero defectives

King Can really cares about customer satisfaction, so to create higher product value and gaining customers’ trust is what we proud of. We are fully thankful and humbly accept all kinds of suggestions and is looking forward to cooperate with all of our dearest ones for prosperous years to come.
Latest News Innovation is to create unceasingly. All staff concentrates on their professionalism
King Can start to produce plastic sheet from 2017. We now focus on PET sheet w/ various colors.
New equipment purchasing
Kingcan import 1 set of AUTO machines from Europe which can enhance the production speed for cup lid.
King Can is honored to have the chance producing the tin can water for Ang Lee's 3D movie. The Tin can is a very important part in the movie. Fox Movie also chose the tin can as a VIP gift.
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